• Black hair world – Ones to watch

    Triumphant! South London based hair salon Kannis Undiscovered Beauty’s Gloria Odumusu took home the award of “Best newcomer” at the Black Beauty Afro Hair Awards. The talented stylist has taken the black beauty world by storm with her unique, impeccable and evolutionary styles.

    Gloria’s looks were showcased at the Black Beauty Afro hair awards hosted in the capital. Deemed creative and refreshing her styles brought a welcomed twist to the UK black beauty hair world.


    Kannis Undiscovered Beauty have also been titled the Noscruchie Afro hair awards ‘best wig makers’ & Noscruchie Afro hair awards ‘best weave technicians’ for the second consecutive year! The salon continues to grow and prevail in the UK black hair world, with hopes that 2017 will be an amazing year for them! 

  • Timeless Beauty, luxurious hair extentions

    Have you seen her? The lady with the long luxurious hair, petite figure and flawless makeup. Why does she wear it all? Is she insecure? Why is she wearing all that makeup? They say you are suppose to be beautiful no matter how you look. No matter what anyone says about you, feeling confident about how you look should matter more.

    Facing Modern Day Challenges

    In an era where women want to turn back the time, more women are finding challenges with accepting their outer appearance. We want to turn back the clock and stay in an age when we achieved the height of beauty, before our inner critic stepped in. We want youthful skin and thick lustrous hair. We want to be young again and to not look and feel like our appearance is the end of the world. We give into cheap and tacky hair extensions just to attain the bare minimum of full, thick hair. We pile on makeup with models and actresses in mind. It’s time to stop and reevaluate ourselves.

    Moving Away from the Past

    Stop living in the past. As a working woman, you are entitled to feeling confident. Your successful career is ahead of you, chasing your future should not involve attaining synthetic beauty. It is 2013 and it’s time to start looking forward instead of living in the past. Get glamorized and forget artificial products, Virgin Hair Extensions from KUB are here to rescue you from your own harshest critic.

    Virgin Hair to the Rescue

    Beautifully Confident- Hair extensions

    Virgin Hair Extensions from KUB are the stepping-stone to achieving the epitome of beauty. Virgin hair offers 100% natural hair strands without any split ends or faults, thus leaving you with flawless hair extensions. Say no to dull, dry, brittle, lacklustre hair and achieve elegant and impeccable hair extensions. Do not give into cheap, synthetic hair extensions for your professional career. Buy the best quality used today in the hair industry and see the change in your life.

    KUB can help you lift away from tremendous pressure in our society and be the next face of true timeless beauty.

  • Beautifully confident with real hair extensions.

    Express how you feel about yourself with the world, being radiant and confident lies only within you. No matter what anyone says, you have the power to take control of your hair and beauty.
    We want you to stop making excuses and stride out confidently. Real hair extensions can help you uncover your beauty and glamour with a team of skilled and trained experts. Let us pave the way towards confident, beautiful and luxurious hair while we leave the rest up to you.

    The First Step

    Your hairstyle comes from who you are and how you feel about yourself. Speak out and stop making excuses by letting your hairstyle get you down. Beauty is not just about letting the experts take control but by caring for your hair and stopping the continuous neglect. Do not be scared to be your own muse and experiment with voluminous and sultry hair styles. Without a doubt you’ll be amazed at how far you have come with just a few changes to your hair regime. Leave the Rest to Kanni’s Beauty

    The confidence comes from within and once you have it the rest is a piece of cake. Don’t let self-esteem decrease your self-worth. Keep your beautiful hair groomed and watch yourself transform into a true glamazon. Women all over are looking for the best remedy and the best cure for hair loss, thinning and bald spots. It’s time you take control of your appearance without relying on pills and unconventional theories. Kanni’s Beauty wants you to grow and flourish your inner beauty and build your self-confidence.
    Virgin/Real Hair Extensions by Kanni’s Beauty instantly lifts and transforms you into a beaming beauty. Our mission is to be the leading platform for true undiscovered beauty. We know you won’t look back at dull, lackluster hair ever again.

  • 411 on Virgin Hair Extensions

    With countless hair trends coming and going from ombre to rainbow dyed hair- why not choose the most natural hair extension for long luscious locks. Look no further than Virgin Hair extensions. These particular hair extensions are ideal for natural and voluminous styles. Virgin extensions are high-quality premium hair which is produced by a single hair donor- making each piece unique from the next. Use them and treat them as your own natural hair without worrying about damaging or ruining it. Choose to curl, straighten, cut and dye virgin hair extensions to easily blend into your own hair type and style.

    Benefits of Virgin Hair

    For high-quality and longevity hair extensions, unprocessed virgin hair allows you to style and cut the extensions as you desire. The term ‘unprocessed’ simply means the hair has not been through any chemical treatments and has only been washed and strung onto a weft. For some hair extension brands, in order to maintain a curl they are most likely to chemically process a bundle.

    Exotic Lustrous Hair

    Virgin Hair Extensions are imported from some of the world’s most exotic counties including Malaysia, Russia, India and Brazil. These blend easily into your natural hair without looking lackluster or flat. Any styling product will work wonders with premium hair extensions since this type offers natural volume, shine and texture.

    While not all virgin hair extensions are made the same, if you come across coarse textured extensions consider using a relaxing treatment. This will allow the extensions to blend in smoothly with your natural hair without looking dull.


    The downfall of using virgin extensions is that every piece is unique from the next. Since each hair extension bundle comes from a donor, not every piece will suit your hair type. Consider the color and texture of the extension while matching your natural hair color and type. Not every extension will be the same, some might not hold a curl or process hair dyes.


    Keep your virgin hair extensions supple and tangle-free by generously taking care of them as if you would your own hair!

  • Know What Your Paying For: Virgin Hair

    You know that awkward moment when one of your girlfriends ask you what’s the difference between your 100% virgin hair that you just spent a quarter of your monthly salary on in comparison with the cheap & cheerful Human Hair Premium Now that is as cheap as chips? Well here’s an insight into what exactly you spent a quarter of your monthly wages on & why it cannot be compared to Chips!

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