You know that awkward moment when one of your girlfriends ask you what’s the difference between your 100% virgin hair that you just spent a quarter of your monthly salary on in comparison with the cheap & cheerful Human Hair Premium Now that is as cheap as chips? Well here’s an insight into what exactly you spent a quarter of your monthly wages on & why it cannot be compared to Chips!

When it comes to women looking good we all know that the first thing people notice other than that bright pink leather trousers that look like they are suffocating every muscle in your thigh is your Hair… Yes because the first thing people see especially women is your hair & then they think who is her hairdresser or where did she get her hair from?

There is a lot of knowledge behind beauty you can’t just wake up in the morning and look jaw droppingingly beautiful BUT you can wake up in the morning with a show stopping head of hair (Kanni’s Undiscovered Beauty)

Ladies listen up and listen good. Not all hair that is sold as Remy hair is Virgin hair. A lot of the Remy hair being sold has been coated with Silicon or Teflon in order to make it tangle free, or it has been chemically processed to produce curls or kinks which do not come naturally to that hair type.

Once any hair has been through such processing, it is no longer ‘virgin’ hair.  Non- Virgin Remy hair will not last as long as Virgin Remy hair because after just a matter of months the chemicals which create the features of non- virgin hair however in non-virgin hair this will wash out or disintegrate and become very difficult for the wear to maintain.