With countless hair trends coming and going from ombre to rainbow dyed hair- why not choose the most natural hair extension for long luscious locks. Look no further than Virgin Hair extensions. These particular hair extensions are ideal for natural and voluminous styles. Virgin extensions are high-quality premium hair which is produced by a single hair donor- making each piece unique from the next. Use them and treat them as your own natural hair without worrying about damaging or ruining it. Choose to curl, straighten, cut and dye virgin hair extensions to easily blend into your own hair type and style.

Benefits of Virgin Hair

For high-quality and longevity hair extensions, unprocessed virgin hair allows you to style and cut the extensions as you desire. The term ‘unprocessed’ simply means the hair has not been through any chemical treatments and has only been washed and strung onto a weft. For some hair extension brands, in order to maintain a curl they are most likely to chemically process a bundle.

Exotic Lustrous Hair

Virgin Hair Extensions are imported from some of the world’s most exotic counties including Malaysia, Russia, India and Brazil. These blend easily into your natural hair without looking lackluster or flat. Any styling product will work wonders with premium hair extensions since this type offers natural volume, shine and texture.

While not all virgin hair extensions are made the same, if you come across coarse textured extensions consider using a relaxing treatment. This will allow the extensions to blend in smoothly with your natural hair without looking dull.


The downfall of using virgin extensions is that every piece is unique from the next. Since each hair extension bundle comes from a donor, not every piece will suit your hair type. Consider the color and texture of the extension while matching your natural hair color and type. Not every extension will be the same, some might not hold a curl or process hair dyes.


Keep your virgin hair extensions supple and tangle-free by generously taking care of them as if you would your own hair!